III -Trimestre 2006

Articolo: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Gear Setup
TUNING: Tuned down one half-step (Eb).

SLIDE TUNING: Tuned G string up to Ab, other strings left the same.


MAIN GUITAR: '59 Fender Stratocaster with the vibrato bar anchored off the bass end of the bridge and four springs tightened all the way up; rosewood fretboard; jumbo frets.

PICKS: "I play with a pick and a finger. I use the round end of the pick, too. You break less of them and don't get tangled up in the strings. Sometimes I play with both together, or I'll palm the pick and use my fingers.

AMPS: On "Cold Shot," did you play through a Leslie speaker to get that underwater sound?
"It's a Fender Vibratone, which is basically like a Leslie. It's a 10" speaker with a Styrofoam rotor in front of it -- so the speaker is stationary, but a drum with a slit in it revolves -- and then you mike it from both sides."

RECORDING: Almost all done "live" in the studio with very few overdubs of solos or vocals.

According to Larry Brooks, artist master builder at the Fender Custom Shop:
"Stevie called his old Strat 'Number One' because that was the one he always wanted ready for all his shows. So we built the signature model to closely match that guitar. he loved the old natural wood feel, so we used a Super Glue finish on the back of the neck, and then applied steel wool to give it that 'woody' feel. And he preferred the feel and sound of rosewood: he felt maple was too crisp and ebony too 'bitey.'"

The guitar features three "Texas Special" pickups. "Stevie wanted a little more bottom, so we put 600 winds on each pickup," Larry points out. "The controls are the same as on a vintage Strat."
Another unique feature of the Stevie Ray Vaughan model is the tremolo bar installed on the bass side of the bridge. While performing, Stevie loved to switch on the middle pickup, turn the tone knob down, grab the tremolo bar and then shake the guitar on the floor -- coaxing a threatening rumble out of the instrument.


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